GALLERY 151 is pleased to present SYNÆSTHESIA, a multi-sensory installation by New York-based photographer and filmmaker, Ashley G. Garner in collaboration with Wallplay.

The synesthesia phenomenon is traditionally thought to be a synaptic overlapping of senses; such as hearing color or associating sound with scent. Garner has synthesized dyes, influenced by color psychology, with symbolic flora to elucidate this phenomenon in viewers with a six-part video series featuring audio compositions by ALURIA. Solfeggio frequencies, an ancient six-tone musical scale speculated to have healing properties, are explored physically within the exhibition space.

Wallplay has created multi-sensory meditation stations for each of the six videos & audio compositions. Each video station features a still image and live flowers, paired with an essential oil blend & colored light that connects with a corresponding chakra. Participants are seated on meditation cushions and immersed in a symphony for the senses. The stations create a multi-dimensional path for participants to journey through Garner’s work.


Garner’s conceptual work is a balance between structured forms and poetic rebellion, dancing among conversations stretching from the social to the metaphysical world. While growing up  in the foothills of North Carolina, an adoration with fantasy and the sublime were bred. Themes of duality, mythology, and transcendental symbolism tie her wide variety of subjects together. Often collaborating with sound engineers, figure models, dancers, florists, and  body painters, her work aims to bridge the fine art market, high luxury, and editorial.



Juan Correa Lopez is ALURIA. His musical practice blends electronic soul, progressive ambiance, and techno elements. Family, friends, nature, sound, poetry, photography, and artist collaborations all aid in developing expressive structures and landscapes. Currently based in Brooklyn, New York, he focuses on evolving his Argentinian roots and futuristic sound design to deliver ambiance at a binaural state.




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